Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sainte Anthony's Fyre - 1970

So, here's the first thing I came across while reading up on this band. It's from Light in the Attic Records, and it states: Wild, loud, raw New Jersey hard psych beast from 1970 that's been a favorite target of collectors, dealers, aficianados, and swamp dwellers for the last few decades. Also described thus: "Totally fucked up, messed up, New Jersey hard psych monster that can not be bettered. Loud, wasted vocals, speedfreak riffing/soloing, bashing rythm section like a hayride to hell. To me, one of the all time best albums if you like drugged out, anarchic hard psych.."
Sounds good to me!
There's an interview with their drummer at It's psychedelic baby magazine.
The original was on Zonk records (ZP-001) US 1970 and sells for around $1500.00 and up. Therefore one of the re-issues might not get you in trouble with the wife. ($20 to $40) There was one in 1996 on Void records (no cat. #), and another in 2013 on Rockadrome/Lion Productions (041-V-1) Ltd, and another on Rockodrome 2013,  (roco39-v-2). There was, also, a version released in Austria in 1987 on Breeder (RPR 004-1C-563).

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