Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Majic Ship - s/t 1970

Arising out of a garage band, The Primitives, that played British Invasion tunes, The New Primitives
came together in New York City in 1966. The band kept busy the next few years. Around 1968 former 50's crooner turned manager Johnny Mann saw the band and promised to get them a record contract.The addition of a new guitar player made the New Primitives become Majik Ship. Mann introduced the band to the Tokens, who produced their first single "Night Time Music." It became a local hit and even got some national airplay as did their second single "Hummin'."
This album is total fuzz psych with those cool ass echo-ee '60's vocals. At times he's singing his guts out. Gotta love it. That and a lotta guitar work makes it a great listen.
After a couple more singles and a lot of touring, they found their way into a studio to record their eponymous debut in 1969 mixing hard rock, pop, and psych ala Vanilla Fudge. The band continued another two years with plans to record a second l.p. until their shared house burned to the ground in 1971 along with all their recording equipment and instruments. They called it quits thereafter. 

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