Saturday, June 27, 2015

Shotgun Ltd. - s/t 1971

Shotgun Ltd. was a band for only a couple years. Which really blows my mind, because this is one album that stands out to me. This album is really good. As with so many of the bands profiled on this here blog,
From Culver City, Los Angeles, they started in 1967 as The Twilighters, a five piece instrumental surf band. Eventually they had decided that they wanted to add a vocalist, and did so under the name "Ash." Still in high school at this point, the band gigged regularly on the weekends and did fairly well performing a lot of prog. covers. Growing more serious about their music, the band took a three month hiatus to write original material after a series of successful residencies all around town. It was the singers, girlfriends father that got them hooked up with Jefferson Airplanes producer. They recorded this album over the course of three months in 1970. However, due to complications with their label, the album wasn't released for a year. Add that to a falling out with their manager, and the band ultimately firing him, they lasted a year more and as their singer puts it, "that was that."

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