Monday, June 29, 2015

Slowbone - Tales of a Crooked Man / Live at the Greyhound 1972 - 1974

Lea Hart (a.k.a. "Barry" Hart) is no stranger to the English hard rock scene. Having fulfilled a multitude of duties from musician, to promoter, producer, song writer, manager and British Music Ambassador International. Throughout his career Hart has participated and collaborated with members of Bad Company, Iron Maiden, the Bay City Rollers, Giant, and Joan Jett.  His own musical project, Slowbone, was formed in 1971 and released a whole slew of singles in '74 for Polydor and an L.P. for Tamala/Motown labels. After some lineup changes and a name change to "The Rollups",
they finally called it quits and held their farewell gig in '79. After which, Hart returned to the stage as a solo act, and supported Judas Priest on a 1979 tour. 
Hart then went on to replace Dave King (later of Flogging Molly) alongside Fast Eddie Clarke (former Motorhead) in Fastway, appearing on two albums with them.
This early band of such an expansive career is as damn fine a specimen of hard prog/proto metal as any other I've encountered. I have a feeling, had it not been for the un-tameable ambition of Hart, meaning to say, if you could get him to sit still, it most likely would have developed into one of the more mighty classic influences as any of the other bands which take so much credit for the development of metal.. This album, a collection of all their singles, was released far after the groups demise, as well as a live album: "Live at the Greyhound"


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