Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tiger B. Smith 1969 - 1975

German band Tiger B. Smith, an extraordinary power trio formed from Bad Camberg cant help but let their influences (Hendrix, Edgar Broughton, Hawkwynd, and Sabbath) flood right out in a heaping mass of volume. In fact, nothing I could write here could be as accurately descriptive than the article from Julian Cope's Head Heritage, which I'm referring you to via the link. Progressive fuzz/bluesrock with long instrumental passages. The band formed in Frankfurt in 1972 following singer/guitar player Holger Schmidt's 1969 band Second Life, which spawned Tiger B. Smith. 2 albums were born of the band, 1972's "Tiger Rock", and in 1974 "We're the Tiger Bunch". There is also a self titled album from Second Life which I've also seen lumped in with Tiger's discography (1971).
There's no links for complete albums, so here's a collage of Tiger B. Smith's output over the span of their '70's career. There is another release from 1984, as well as a couple other bands formed by Schmidt that came after the bands demise.

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