Monday, July 27, 2015

Captain Foam - "No Reason" b/w "Will There Ever Be A Time" 45 197?

From Waxedermy: "This heavy little 45 comes from Ohio, I have to assume it dates from the 70's based on the sound and the lyrical content of the B-side. All I know about Captain Foam is the guy was billed as a one man act, I guess he played with a taped drum track? I don't know, but from the looks of the picture below, I'm guessing it was loud!"
The comments section goes on to offer further insight. "He had a monster drummer and they were billed as Captain Foam and the Doctor. Don't know how they did it back then without today's gizmos, but the 45 doesn't even come close to their live show!" "Captain Foams original band was called Lord Ritchie and the Mariners, then he became Captain Foam & the Doctor (the Doctor being the drummer with psychedelic painted drums, double kick and all.) They were both from Canton, Ohio"

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