Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Steel Mill (U.K.) - "Jewels of the Forest" a.k.a. "Green Eyed God" (plus) 1972

A band lost to the realm of speculation, misinformation, and outright myth, Steel Mill (not to be confused with the Springsteen band of the same name) stumped even expert music collectors for decades due to a scarcity of reliable evidence documenting the band.
In time, it was learned that the late '60's roots of the band lay in the South London neighborhood of Wadsworth. A combination of the bands Garrett Singers, and Roadrunners, the ensuing year after their formation was spent in constant rehearsal with only rare interruptions for live shows. They cut a handful of promising demos in 1970.
Soon after, the bands first single, "Green Eyed God" was issued by their new label prophetically named Penny Farthing Records, and actually went to achieve #51 on the British charts and an eye opening #17 on the German charts.They holed themselves up in a London studio to track their first L.P. "Green Eyed God" to capitalize on their recent chart success. Despite giving the album a 1972 release in Germany, where their type of rock was assumed to go over better, and in the U.L., Penny Farthing decided to gamble the bands future on a second, non-album single called "Get on the Line" which ironically took the music industry's shady dealings to task. When this failed to come close to matching up with the preceding single, members began splitting and eventually the band fizzled out in August of 1972. Penny Farthing saw to it that a re-released was pressed in 1975, but I believe it was very limited. The album saw a re-issue on CD from Rise Above Records with the singles included plus bonus tracks.

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