Friday, July 17, 2015

Stepson - s/t 1974

Founded in Portland, Or. in 1974, the band mainly consisted of ex-members of the defunct Portland band Touch. This album is their sole l.p. and the band didn't last too long. It's rumored that they had plans to do a second l.p., but that never came to pass. The only other material is a single "It's My Life" (The Animals) b/w "Rude Attitude" (both songs pulled from this l.p.) Apparently the band was relatively unknown due to the fact that they never toured in support of this fine l.p. After they disbanded, various members went on to work for Elektra records, others became session musicians for artists such as Carol King and James Taylor. A fine example of Detroit area hard rock, and I believe one reviewer went as far as to say one of the earliest examples of "cock-rock." You be the judge.

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