Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Blues Creation -1969-1974

Blues Creation was a Japanese psych band from the late 60', 70's, and early 80's. Led by guitarist/singer Kazuo Takeda, they were known as Blues Creation from '69 to '72, and after a three year hiatus returned as Creation in 1975. In 1969, Blues Creation released their self titled debut album of American blues covers, featuring songs by Sonny Boy Williamson, Memphis Slim, Chester Burnett, J Mayall E. Clapton, and Willie Dixon among others. After some lineup changes, the band released their first album of original material "Demon And Electric Children" in August, 1971. That year they also released "Carmen Maki and Blues Creation" which had the band fronted by female vocals from Carmen Maki. Each Blue Creation album other than their first, features songs written by Takeda and consists of a constantly shifting lineup. At the end of that same year, Blues Creation released their final album: "Blues Creation Live"
Takeda started a three piece group simpl known as Creation, and toured Japan with American Band Mountain in 1973. Mountain broke up soon after their Japanese tour partly due to hearing loss from playing so loud, Felix Pappalardi Focused on producing other bands. In 1975, Creation released a self titled album and featured a front cover picture of a dozen nude boys full-frontal peeing. In April 1976, after rehearsing in Massachusetts by Pappalardi's invitation, they released Blues Creation $ Felix Pappalardi. Creation released a final live album "Pure Electric Soul" in 1977, again featuring a cover with nude boys at the front of a bus. They are currently touring again, and you can see the dates on their official webpage HERE.

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