Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cosmic Dealer - "Crystallization" 1971

Formed in 1968, the band was initially called "The Floating Fudge Factory Featuring the Cosmic Dealer" In 1970, they changed their name (thank God!) to Cosmic Dealer. 1971 saw the release of two singles, "The Scene b/w Child of the Golden Sun", and "Head in the Clouds b/w Find Your Way." Neither one of them saw any success. These were followed by their debut full length, "Crystallization." The music was a mix of Psych, Prog, and Hard Rock. They toured frequently, then the lineup began changing. That combined with the lack of popularity, the band quit.
In 1977, the band reformed for a time and began working on new demos, however none of them ever saw the light as they broke up again. This time for good. You can check out a complete bio of the band Right HERE

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