Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day Blindness - S/T 1969 / Fox - San Francisco Session 1970

This is a pretty good album from start to finish. Although a number of reviewers say it lacks originality. Day Blindness was formed in the bay area in 1967. It's pretty heavy psychedelic rock wit alot of organ, and almost constant fuzz guitar. Sort of an Iron Buttefly/Blue Cheer/Doors kind mix. The band made a name for themselves playing clubs around the bay area, like the Filmore, and Golden Gate Park. They landed an opening gig for Sly and the Family Stone both locally and touring. The album was recorded at studio 10, and during the sessions, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan and others would stop in to give ideas/advise. Their self titled debut came out to little fanfare and was brushed off by critics, and the band split shortly after.
Afterward, Day Blindness turned into Fox, (basically their second album) recorded an album in '69/'70 and a single was released on the Studio 10 label. (it is very rare) It's more heavy and metallic without the organ. Their music was not released until 2010.

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