Saturday, August 8, 2015

Estes Brothers - Transitions 1971

Similar to Bubble Puppy, Truth and Janey, or other U.S. bands featuring melodic vocals, and fluid jamming/wawa guitar solos. The Estes Brothers came from a musical family of 7 brothers and 5 sisters. This album was recorded in Ohio in 1971 and is near impossible to find, as there were only 100 pressed. The music is outstanding blues/hard rock with that lysergic blend of late '60's S.F. bands like Quicksilver Messenger Service & Mad River. A solid underground stoner blowout with relentless guitar jamming and a great "basement" sound. Not slick or overpowering, but the sound of a bunch of nocounts letting it rip. From 1966 until present, there have been 38 different members, and many styles of music, but always ending up back to blues/rock. The band still states to this day: "If you keep showing up, we'll keep playing."

1971 original w/glue on cover art

CD re-issue

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