Saturday, August 8, 2015

Groundshaker - S/T 1971

Never before released heavy/hard psych/rock west coast MONSTER of an album. Eight long tracks with furious lead guitar assaults and jams, fantastic loud bass and drum interplay, one reviewer described it "as if MC5 and Pentagram got in a bar fight." Recorded in 1971-72 in Hollywood at Paramount studios and the satellite studios owned by Wolfman Jack. The band spent a lot of time in San Francisco working on their sound. During this period, Groundshaker played gigs at the Filmore as well as many other venues of the bay area. They decided to hock their amps and head to L.A. and quickly landed several gigs on the L.A. circuit. The Whiskey A-Go-Go said they were too loud. Imagine that in the day of massive Marshall stacks! Groundshaker blew audiences away! Finally released in 2002.

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