Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Light of Darkness - S/T 1971

Another fucked up opportunity from shitty record label support, or lack thereof. Light of Darkness was three Scots, and one German, the band was based out of Germany. They played around Europe, and frequently in the Hamburg scene, and in 1970, got a deal to record in a pro studio for Phillips. Unfortunately, Phillips "wasn't able to give the band necessary support" (whatever THAT means), the artwork was missing liner notes and other important information, instead of writing about the bands musical talent and the characteristic of their songs, the promoters gave a false picture of the group: "...No musical scheme.. a bit progressive, a little psychedelic... blues influences...also hard rock....some folk...three Scots and a German who broke into laughter by listening to Scot's style.." Does that in any way sound like promotion to you? You'd figure if you were the label, and trying to sell a product, you would avoid saying things like "no style!" The band ended up playing krautrock festivals for the remainder of their time together and eventually quit when the scene died out. This album was eventually re-issued on CD on a label called Second Battle.

Original cover

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