Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mops - "Iijanaika" 1971

Another kick-ass Japanese heavy rock band, The Mops were formed in 1966 by a bunch of high schoolers Mikiharu Suzuki (drums), Taro Miuki (guitar), Katu Hoshi (guitar), and Kaoru Murakami, (bass). They began as a instrumental group similar to the Ventures, but soon after forming Mikiharu Suzuki's brother, Hiromitsu joined on lead vocals. The group started playing psychedelic rock at the suggestion of their manager who had brought home recordings of American "hippi" groups such as Jefferson Airplane after his trip to San Francisco. The group signed to JVC records, the Japanese wing of Victor and released a single in November if 1967 titled "Asamade Mateni", which hit #38 on the Japanese charts. In April 1968 the full length debut: Psychedelic Sound in Japan followed; the album included covers of "White Rabbit", and "Somebody to Love" by Jefferson Airplane as well as "Light my Fire" by the Doors, and two Animals songs. They got a lot of press as being the first psychedelic band in Japan and performed with extravagant light shows. In '69 they made the move to more blues/hard rock and signed with Liberty/Toshiba/EMI and followed with the hits "Gekko Kamen" (Moonlight Mask), and Goiken Muyo (No Excuse) both of which charted in 1971. Several albums followed before their break up in 1974. Extensive Bio by Julian Cope

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