Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mutzie - "Light of Your Shadow" 1970

Mutzie was formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1970. This review and history taken from "The I-Own-Every-Record-You'd-Never-Buy CD Consumers Guide:
"Mutzie was the nickname given to Eric Levenberg, guitarist, lead singer, and elder brother of three for whom this Michigan based quartet is named. It's a strange moniker, of course, but I suppose it's better than calling your band Levenberg. Mutzie's lone album Light of Your Shadow, first released on the Sussex label is hard rock of the blue collar variety, a raw, stripped down combination of heavy guitar riffs, pounding organ fills, punchy horn breals and not always in tune vocals. The end result is an uneven platter of slightly blues based acid rock"
This is much better a review than I could have given. As I stated on the home page of this blog, I am no good at reviews, nor do I consider myself a writer of any sort. So why I chose to start a blog, besides my obvious love for music, is beyond me. Enjoy! And check out the link provided, it's an awesome blog authored by someone with skills.


  1. The lead singer's real name was Eugene, not Eric. I should know. He dated my mom for years back in the 70s. This is an awesome blast from the past though. Thanks For posting

  2. Thank you for the correction!
    Awesome album!


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