Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Orange Wedge - "Wedge" 1972 / "No One Left But Me" 1974

Originally released only in the bands hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, "Wedge", Orange Wedge's debut album was a great display of raw blues driven hard rock. Released only on the "Contraband" imprint in a run of about 500 copies for friends/girls/reviews/ airplay, etc. Not really interested in widespread recognition, the band became very popular on college campuses and youth clubs. And the younger crown was all about their energy.
The second album was released in 1974 at double the production numbers (a whopping 1,000 copies!) which was another great album from this little known band. It was shipped to various labels in search of a deal, as was the first L.P., however, no one bit. The record was sold pretty much the same way the first one was, at their shows. Becoming un-enthused with the whole project, the band called it quits in 1975. The albums were re-released on CD in the '00's, and as a double L.P. pressed in Germany by Little Wing.

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