Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pulse - S/T 1969

Not to be confused with the Pulse project of Stephen Reich of the same year, Pulse (U.S.) hailed from New Haven Connecticut, and was originally named "The Pulse of Buritt Bradley." The band was made up of members of "The Bram Riggs Set", and "The Shags." This album is Heavy Blues driven rock which is highly sought after by collectors. In the beginning, the band jammed in the studio exclusively for nearly a year, improving their talents (and it shows, from musicianship, to songwriting). But , by the time of the release of their first album (this one), original members began disappearing and the band just sort of truged along playing Cream type material until they finally disbanded in 1972. Which I believe, is too bad. Would've loved to hear more from them.

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