Sunday, August 9, 2015

Steel - S/T 1971

Pretty interesting stuff, good melodies, and a surprisingly great production. A good bluesy/hard rock American quintet with a mixed racial lineup of 3 black guys and one white, which went almost totally unnoticed. They released only 1 album, in 1971 on the Epic/Douglas label (just a pity the album is so short @ 33 min) and 1 single "Never on a Sunday/Rosie Lee"
In the same year that they formed, recorded, and broke up.
Really upbeat progressive rock sound, featuring Duane Hitchings on Keyboards who played with Rod Stuart, Kim Carnes, and Steve Perry among others.
The music is hard and clean. Combining a Heavy rock canvas with a soul singer for lead vocals. The fact is, the musicians were all very talented.Bass player Roland Robinson went on to be a session player for Stax records and played on Hendrix's "Nine To The Universe" album. Right after they disbanded, Duane Hitchens went to join Cactus.

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