Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Underground Set - S/T 1970 - "War in the Night Before" 1971

Italian Heavy Prog-Rock formed in the late 1960's by Gian Piero, known as the producer of the well known RPI band Le Orme, as well as members of the band Nuova Idea. The band released two albums in the early 1970's the eponymous debut in 1970, and "War in the Night Before" in 1971. The bands early style was typical of late 60's early 70's organ driven hard rock, with plenty of psychedelic and space rock elements throughout. Their sound was so typical in fact, that their music was often used for T.V. shows.
The second album however, is much heavier. With a more fuzz guitar lead sound than on their first album. Many believed the band was of English origin, although this is also due to the fact that their albums were released all over Europe EXCEPT for Italy. Both albums are extremely rare and highly sought after by obscure and Italian music collectors alike. HERE is a more detailed history of the band, as well as documentation of all musical projects involved with who and how the band came to be.

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