Thursday, August 20, 2015

Toe Fat - s/t 1970 - "Toe Fat Two" 1971

Toe Fat was another Ken Hensley vehicle. Toe Fat formed in 1969, right after the release of Hensley's Head Machine L.P. In Fact, the Toe Fat album is The Gods under a different name (including John Glascock, Allen Kendall, Cliff Bennett). Toe Fat was signed to the record label Rare Earth in the U.S., in the U.K. they signed to EMI who released thei eponymous debut on the Parlaphone label, and the second on Regal Zonophone. The album flopped commercially but gained considerable critical praise. They were booked on a tour supporting Derek and the Dominos in the U.S. Hensley quit the band to join Uriah Heep and Kendall joined Jethro Tull. Johnathan Peel (not the D.J.) produced their second album Toe Fat Two, after hearing the band on several BBC radio sessions. However, this album flopped as well despite more airtime and a successful U.S. tour to promote it. Following these successive failures, the label told the band they could no longer fund them.

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