Thursday, August 20, 2015

Young Flowers - 1967-1970

David Lee Roth, is that you?
One of the first psychedelic rock bands to ever come out of Denmark in the 1960's, Young Flowers were a blues based power trio heavily influenced by Cream & Hendrix. Formed in 1967 by guitarist Jens Dahl and drummer Ken Gudman, both former members of The Defenders, and bassist and singer who previously worked with Seven Sounds. Young Flowers cut their first single in 1967 "Like Birds" but soon afterwards Dahl dropped out of the band, and Peer Frost, who had played guitar for Les Rivals joined the trio. In 1968, they were recruited to provide music for a television movie starring Danish actor Thomas Winding. Much of the music on their debut album, Blomsterpistolen (meaning Flower Pistol) was written for the television film of the same name, and the album had a powerful impact on the Danish rock scene which at the time, was dominated by folk rock and pop groups.

A second album, simply called No.2, appeared in '69, and when film maker Jens Jorgan Thorson asked Young Flowers to record another soundtrack. In 1969, Young Flowers became the first Danish group to tour North America, playing a string of dates in the U.S. and Canada, but the members of the group developed different musical interests, and Young Flowers broke up in 1970. Popularity and historical importance led to a steady stream of reissues and archival releases in Denmark. In 2010, the Danish label RPM released The Complete Studio Recordings.

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