Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Outsiders - C.Q 1968

Featuring Wally Tax (vocals), Ronnie Splinter (guitar), Appie Rammers (bass), Tom Krabbendam (guitar), Leendert "Buzz"Bush (drums), and Frank Beek (bass '68-'69), the band exemplified the "Nederbeat" sound, a raw Dutch take on Rock N' Roll created in the wake of the British Invasion. Unlike the many European bands influence by the Beatles, The Outsiders took their cues from harder edged bands like The Pretty Things (who frequently toured the Netherlands), and the Rolling Stones. In November of 1965, in s'-Hertogenbosch, the Outsiders opened the Stones 2nd Dutch concert.
The Outsiders released three full length records. 'Outsiders' and the singles collection 'Songbook' in 1967, and 'C.Q.' in 1968. The latter sold poorly upon release but is now considered a masterpiece of psychedelic garage rock. The band also released 13 singles including 1967's 'Summer is Here' which reached the top 10 on the Dutch charts. Their eponymous debut album which featured one side of studio recordings, the other from thier live show, also sold well during this period. The Outsiders established a reputation as a wild and raucuos stage act getting them banned in many venues.
After 1967, the Neederbeat fell out of popularity including the Outsiders. Personnel changes, friction, and management problems led the band to splinter apart in 1970.

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