Sunday, October 25, 2015

Buffalo - "Dead Forever" 1972 & "Only Want You For Your Body" 1974

Dead Forever is the debut album of Australia's proto-metal band Buffalo. (see the write up of their other album "Volcanic Rock") recorded and released in 1972. It is considered the first Australian Heavy Metal album, displaying not only the bands pension for hard rock jam's, but their more psychedelic traits as well. Significantly, this was the first release of a non-European band on the legendary Vertigo label. The album was re-mastered and reissued on Australian label Aztec in 2006 with additional bonus tracks including an A side and B side from the pre-Buffalo band "Head."
It's just as good as their follow up, only mixing more psych into the fold.

I Only Want You For Your Body is Buffalo's third album. Again released on Vertigo. It's much harder and heavier than their second L.P. "Volcanic Rock." By this album, Buffalo had all but abandoned the psych and progressive aspects of their music and delivered a more modern heavy metal style. On the aspects of this album, Buffalo took heavy metal away from it's blues rock beginnings, with some passing similarities to future bands, including those of the NWOBHM. For the second time, Buffalo courted controversy with their album art, featuring a partialy nude obese woman tied to a torture rack. Though this was hardly new territory for Buffalo having been through controversy over the artwork featured on "Volcanic Rock." Adding further fuel to the acusations of misogyny, and a lyrical shift such as "I'm a Skirt Lifter, Not a Shirt Raiser." a formula that would later be adopted by other Aussie bands AC/DC, The Angels, and Rose Tattoo.
As with the above entry, the album was remastered and reissued on Aztec in 2005.

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