Friday, October 16, 2015

Jukin' Bone - "Whiskey Woman" L.P 1972 & "Way Down East" L.P. 1973

Formed in 1970 in Syracuse, N.Y., Jukin' Bone (formerly under the name Free Will) entered Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladyland studios to record their debut album for RCA Victor entitled "Whiskey Woman." After a lineup change, and with two drummers, Their second album "Way Down East" was released along with two singles: "Whiskey Woman" and "Carol Lynn" (both from the debut L.P.) The band toured the mid-west extensively, but failed to garner any followers (outside of Syracuse) due to poor promotion and publicity. In the fall of 1973 Jukin' Bone "Syracuse's Biggest Band" disbanded.
For a more extensive history and further insight: History of Syracuse Music, or the great article from Rather Rare Records.
And check out Mark for info on albums released after their breakup. Including the entire Electric Ladyland sessions and the highly praised "Lost Third Album." A MAJOR Two Thumbs Up on this one!!!

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