Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Houston Feerless - s/t 1969

Little is known about this Texas garage band. It is known that they are from Houston, and released this, their only album in 1969. Mostly hard rock and heavy psych in a kind of Vanilla Fudge/Steppenwolf style, at times with some really awesome fuzzed out guitar and organ, making for a wonderful noise. The opening track is an aggressive trade off with fuzzed out guitar and a loud ass Hammond and as an opening track, really grabs you and commands attention. Once they have it, trhe songwriting style comes in at a bit mellower tone. Contains an ass kicking version of "Race with the Devil" which was later re-written by Judas Priest, and a cover of Buffalo Springfield's "Mr. Soul" in an all out jam atmosphere. I'd really like to hear more from this group.

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