Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jericho - s/t 1972

This 1972 album marked the end of the road for what began in 1965 halfway around the world in the Independent State of Isreal when the band released their first works as The Churchills, a beat-pop group that enjoyed moderate success on the beat circuit, and was responsible for recording the first Hebrew sung rock album in 1969. They later changed their name to Jericho Jones and released the L.P. "Junkies, Monkeys, & Donkeys" in 1971. After this, they changed their name once more simply to Jericho. The band released this album in 1972. After spending some time in the U.K., the band split up shortly after it's release. This has a "good time sunny day rock n roll" kind of vibe. It makes me wanna load up my "boogie van" and head down to the beach to engage in a stereo war with other impressive mobile hi-fi systems and chase chicks. Total party album.

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