Friday, November 20, 2015

Moby Dick - s/t 1973

Formed in 1968, Moby Dick was primarily influenced by English hard rock, particularly Led Zeppelin, they were the first Italian band that managed to record an album at Olympic Studios in London in 1973. However, with no recording contract, the album wasn't released until the Akarma issue in 2001. They also had recorded a three song demo at RCA, that only exists on acetate. They are included in this release as a bonus E.P. that accompany's the album.  Though they were very good musicians, they could never reach an original style. They had a good live career in their five years together, but ended up sounding like a Zeppelin clone when they recorded.
The three E.P. tracks are sung in Italian sound a bit more original and closer to the time early 70's  Italian rock style.  But it was their choice to record in English that made the group refuse to record a demo for EMI, who wanted them to sing in Italian. They disbanded not long after the London recordings. And that's about all I know about them.

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