Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ranmadou - 1971 - Summer

Formed in Japan in early 1971 by guitarist Eiryu Kou who would later join the legendary Blues Creation after the end of this band. Ranmadou had a very short career, yet the band managed to record two albums. They were around until 1972, when they folded. Their first: 1971 - Summer, was recorded live in 1971, but never saw release until 1989 on CD. In 1972 they released a self titled album, of which only three track are present in this live recording. These live recordings bring powerful, dirty, and typical blues rock of the time, and like most Japanese bands of the era, it's definitely a notch above your typical blues rock. They also have some psychedelic moments among intense guitar riff and solos. Vocals sung sometimes in English, sometimes in Japanese. Highly recommended for not only fans of 70's blues rock, but anyone into the Japanese scene of the time.

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