Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tarkus - s/t 1972

Tarkus was a Peruvian hard rock band formed in Lima, Peru in 1972. Peruvians Alex Nathanson (singer & acoustic guitar), Wallo Carillo (drums and percussion), Argentina born Dario Gianella, and Guillermo Van Locke.
It was Van Locke, the bands bass player who approached Carillo and Nathanson, both members of the group Telegraph Avenue, who had just finished recording their first L.P., an album that would become the best seller of all Peruvian rock groups in the 70's.
Nathanson and Carillo took a break from Telegraph Avenue to join Van Locke to explore mixing progressive with hard rock. The new group was baptized Tarkus, based on a mythical creature that lives deep within the soul. The group were pretty successful in concert but lacked a melodic element. That would change with the arrival of Dario Ginella, an Argentinian guitar player and prolific composer.
After months of playing together the band was signed to MAG, a Peruvian label. Their sole album was recorded in 1972 and the band was awarded total creative control. Fifty copies were made, all promos on the MAG label. Only a few were sold in stores.
The L.P. had heavy rock, good compositions, good musicianship, and a futuristic vision, but was too advanced for Peruvian rock fans. I would have sold well in the U.S., but in Peru, the label decided not to release the album due to low demand. (making copies of this L.P. EXTREMELY rare). At the end of 1972, the band went their own ways and Carillo and Nathanson regrouped with Telegraph who went on to record a second L.P. and continues to perform in Peru today.

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