Monday, January 18, 2016

Grannie - s/t 1971

From Record Collector issue 388 "eBay watch": Over the last decade or so, Grannie has become a by-word for obscure, collectable prog. Back in 1971 they were just a band with no record deal, playing a few local gigs, who decided to press their own album to sell to friends and family.
Perhaps it was the quality of the music (which was streets ahead of their contemporaries), the sleeve (a freaky "old lady with Les Paul" photo), or a series of Chinese whispers...
Whatever it was, thirty years later, Grannie has become a bit of a legend. So when the daughter of the bands Hammond organ player was, as she put it, "trying to scrape together a house deposit", she took her chances on eBay and decided that "someone who would appreciate it" should have the copy that was given to her father when the record was made.
She wasn't banking on the extreme interest that's grown around the record over the years, dating back to an early 90's Record Collector article on the rarest prog albums ever. When she bundled the record with "a hand-written account of the recording of this album and information about the band members themselves", collectors went crazy and bidding topped out at 2,151 British pounds sterling.You can find out more about the album -- and the myths surrounding it -- on the collectors forum and the prog board


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