Monday, January 4, 2016

Stray - "Suicide" 1970

The second album of this band from Sheppard's Bush, U.K. Suicide is my personal favorite. Not entirely as raw as the eponymous debut of earlier the same year, but definitely as heavy and showcasing what I believe to be the band in their prime. Julian Cope writes about how for many fans, the title of "Best" Stray album is heavily debated between their first three (Jullian Cope Presents Head Heritage) I can fully agree that all three hold their own merit, and show how good a band Stray are/were, noting that "some bands never get this good", agreed.
These albums are still for the most part very affordable, whereas obtaining many of the bands original pressings profiled on this blog could very easily rival the purchase of your first private island. Best get while the gettin's good. Soon enough, collectors are gonna catch on and suck the wells even dryer. Of course that's just the vinyl junkie in me, scratchin' for another fix. What the fuck do I know.

1st U.K. Press
2nd U.K. Press
U.S. press Cover

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