Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Chicken Bones - "Hard Rock in Concert" 1976

From Germany, Chicken Bones took on hard rock in the tradition of Hendrix, early English bands like Tractor, and Cargo, but most of it is free and improvised. With six tunes of superior musicianship, "Hard Rock in Concert" was performed in the good old tradition of the early 70's progressive rock scene Most of the album is instrumental and gives Reiner Geueke (guitar, vocals) a prime setting to show off his musical skills. The album has a well balanced and great production for an independent/private release, the recordings were done in only one week.
Basic and gutsy, Chicken Bones were a lot better than their reputation proceeded them, and their album became a sought after rarity. Chicken Bones existed in one form or another for around a decade. Afterwards ending up as the vastly inferior, more metal oriented Revanche, and eventually disbanding on the mid 1980's. (notes taken from Silverado's Rare Music).

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