Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A new kinda groove... "Page 45" Singles - No.1 / Hjarter Sex / High Broom / Image / Shane

Often I've run across a 45 that I can only fine the A-side, or sometimes, only the B-side to, and not much info to accompany it. Sometimes there's no info what-so-ever about it, but it's a worthy post, as it relates to the subject which gathers (a few) of us here. (ie; it's HEAVY, and it's from around the mid-to-late 60's through 70's).
So I'm going to try a new type of entry, or post called "Page 45" where I will feature four or five of these 45's (7"'s) that have little or no info and would otherwise make for a very short entry. As usual, I'll try to do the best research I can for artwork and/or band information, but for the most part, these "Pages" will feature mostly just the music. Also, I will "tag" or "label" each of the entries by the Band's name, or, whenever that's not available, by song title. (but not both).
So we'll cal this, "Page 45 No.1"

Hjarter Sex - "Star Star Star" b/w "Listen"
Sweden, 1974

High Broom - "Percy's On The Run"
B-Side to "Dancing in the Moonlight" written by
Sherman Kelly of King's Harvest. It was originally
recorded by the American band Buffalongo in 1969, which included Kelly on vocals. The song was suggested to King's Harvest by Sherman's brother, Wells Kell, King's Harvest's drummer in the early 70's. The version featured as the A-side of this tune, was released in 1970, and is the band's sole release.

Image - "Witchcraft - 71" b/w "Hot Blood"
Total fucking mystery to me. The A-side, "Witchcraft - 71" Sounds a bit like Black Sabbath, I mean, literally, the exact same notes as the self title song from the self titled album of that good ole Polka-Tulk Blues Band (a.k.a. Sabbath). A fine proto-metal/Doom specimen. I believe from the US. (the record company is from Illinois, and back then, bands on this level tend to be local to their label. 1971. Also a second 45 from this band: "Kind of a Drag" b/w "Wine"

Shane - "Woman Don't You Go" b/w "Roadrunner"
1968 on Top Cat records. B-side "Roadrunner written by Holland, Dozier, Holland.

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