Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Blue Planet - 1970-71

Blue Planet was a hard rock band from Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. The band only existed for a brief period from 1970 to '71, and scored a small hit with "I'm Going Baby, I'm Going"
In their short lifespan, the band released 3 7"singles for Phillips:
"I'm Going Baby, I'm Going" b/w "Nothing in the World" (1970)
"Times and Changes" b/w "Please Don't Shake Me Baby" (1971)
"Boy" / "Climb the Mountain" (1971)
Blue Planet consisted of: Aad van der Kreeft, Arthur Bausch, Peter, Wassenaar, & Ron Bausch.
After Blue Planet, some members went on to join with other acts, such as: Oscar Benton Blues Band, Think Tank, Twelve O'Clock, Plant, InCrowd, Galaxie-Lin.

"Beat Behind the Dikes" TV Show, 1970

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