Sunday, May 15, 2016

Fleur De Lis - "Facing Morning" 1972

Fleur De Lis came from Skive in the middle of Jutland, the Northern part of Denmark, and was founded by two friends: Lief Nielsen, and Kai Olesen in spring of 1970 who had played in the local progressive blues bands The Fog and The False Image. In 1972, their sole L.P. "Facing Morning" came out as a private release of 500 copies on the local Aalborg (also in Northern Denmark) label Qualisound which, in the late 60's, released singles by The Hunters and The Stamping Bricks. Something of a legend among hard-core collectors, the original pressing is virtually impossible to find.

"Facing Morning" had a sound strongly inspired by the U.S. West Coast sound, but with more prog leanings. Without a doubt, one of the rarest European progressive psyche albums there is. Because of it's rarity, the music, up until it's re-release was only heard by a very small public. They disbanded in the spring of 1973.
The 2004 LP re-issue on Amber Soundroom has 3 bonus tracks not on the original.

Many re-issues available:
Danish Music Archives 1995 CD (Denmark)
FID Sound 1995 CD
Progressive Live 2003 CD (Australia)
Second Life 2004 CD (Russia)
Amber Soundroom 2004 LP (Germany)
Thorns Backtrack Sound Series LP
Valhalla LP. (Denmark)

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