Saturday, May 28, 2016

Page 45 Singles - No.2 / Old Lumber / Big Bertha / Toby Jug / Toby Jug & Washboard Band

Old Lumber - "The Water Sprite" b/w "Only Bodies"
1971 Lagua Records, Germany.
The Band's sole release.

Big Bertha - "Munich City" b/w "Funky Woman"
United Artists, 1970. Formed in 1969 by Dave Ball (guitar), Dennis Ball (bass), and Cozy Powell (drums), three ex-members of the Ace Kefford Stand. Pete French (vocals) and Pete Ball (keys) completed the original lineup. In 1969 the band made a single for Atlantic Records. Although the A-side, "The World's an Apple" was a new song, it's instrumental coupling, "Gravy Booby Jam" was previously issued as being by the Ace Kefford Stand. A further single "Munich City" was only released in Europe, where Big Bertha often toured. In 1970, Powell left to join Jeff Beck, while French opted for Atomic Rooster. Big Bertha split up in 1971, Dave Ball became a member of Procol Harum until 1972.

Toby Jug - "Breakaway Man" b/w "Brotherhood" 
Awesome gritty and obscure rock/pop from the British Isles. This was a one-off 7" for Decca. "Brotherhood" is blissfully abrasive, while the A-side is relatively tame folk rock. 1971
UPDATE/EDIT: Affiliated with Toby Jug and Washboard band. What correlation is unclear, (still can't find much info) but they share a youtube channel.

Toby Jug & Washboard Band - "Elastic Ladyland"
*see abouve. From the album "Greasy Quiff", 1970. Only 50 copies made, therefore one of the most collectable folk/psych albums from the U.K. Reissued on CD (with 17 tracks, none of which from the Decca 7" abouve) in 2002 on killer re-issue label Kissing Spell Records.

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