Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Samuel Prody - s/t 1971

Samuel Prody was a hard psyche/heavy blues band formed by Tony Savva (voice), Derek Smallcombe (guitar), John Boswell (drums), and Stephen Day (bass) in London, England in 1969.
In 1970 they released their one and only album, and album being characterized by heavy psychedellia, being compared to Ancient Grease and Sir Lord Baltimore.

One of the outstanding characteristics is are the blues solos, changing from a dirty/fuzzed noise to a clean sound to keep with the native structure of blues.
"Excellent Blues-Rock/psychedelic in the being on The Masters Apprentices, Morely Grey, Ancient Grease, and Sir Lord Baltimore. Samuel Prody is VERY much underrated miracle album, which any addict of proto-metal (or classic Hard-n-Heavy and psychedelia) will enjoy. It will definitely please and surprise any fans of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple.

The mastermind behind the band was Tony Savva, London based bassist and vocalist who played in a number of minor bands throughout the 60's.  At one point, Tony auditioned for The Jimi Hendrix Experience. But it was decided thatr the group should remain a three piece. However Mitch Mitchell kept in touch with Tony, and he did the percussion on the "Wild Uncertainty" single. After more than 30 years of unofficial CD releases of the album, Tony has decided to offer a limited CD himself, and he has signed each one of the first 100 of them personally"

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