Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Love Depression - s/t 1968

The Love Depression was a teenage trio from Venezuela that signed a three album deal but only put out the one in 1968. The album was pretty much the band's standard set, and as such, reveals that they were essentially a cover band with a passion for soul.

The lone original, "Gonna Ride" kicks the album off. It's a ferocious blasting tune once it hits the chorus, and the whole album is woth the price of admission just for that number. Guitarist Alvaro Falcon going certifiably crazy via overdubs (in interesting contrast, the band is also good at simply cutting out fully for dramatic pauses). Bassist/singer Jesus Toro's slight accent tinges an otherwise standard -enough rock/blues delivery of the time, while the whole song ends on a wonderfully 'let the tape slow down all the way' note.
The band shows their Hendrix influence tackling "Highway Child", 51st. Anniversary", and "Stone Free". Similarly, trying out Cream's notorious example of proto-arena wank, "Toad", is clearly flat out inspired or flat out nuts, right down to drummer Richard Rumaitire's over-the-top Ginger Baker impersonation.

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