Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cobra - Entire Catalog, 1971-72

Dutch band Cobra, was formed in 1969 in "Music City", The Hauge (home to bands like Q65, Golden Earring, The Motions, & more). After some time playing all over at clubs and festivals, they were able to secure a record deal with Polydor, via Freddy Haayen, who produced Golden Earring. Although the band was signed to a label, they never managed to release an L.P., and their entire catalog consists of five singles, including an earlier single under the moniker "Island."

The first single, "The War Will Soon be Over" (#33 on the Dutch charts for two weeks) was recorded at Phonogram in Hilversum in 1970 (produced by Haayen). The second single, "I'm in Love" was also produced by Haayen and was recorded at the Soundpush Studio in the Hauge. The third single: "So Dissatisfied" (three weeks at #31) was written and produced by Craig Bolyn, (ex-NAZZ prod.), and the fourth "Don't Do Like I Do" was produced by Golden Earring drummer Jaap Eggermont was recorded at Soundpush as well.

"I'm In Love" b/w "I Feel Down"
Polydor 2050 121, 1971

"The War Will Soon Be Over" b/w "Midnight Walker"
Polydor 2050 078, 1971

"Don't Do Like I Do" b/w "Schoolgirl Blues"
Polydor 2050 196, 1972

"So Dissatisfied" b/w "What Next"
Polydor 2050 167, 1972

"Super Woman" b/w "Move Over"
Imperial 5C 006 24256, 1971

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