Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Junior's Eyes - Battersea Power Station 1969

Mick Wayne's first band was 'The Outsiders' with Jimmy Page on guitar. After recording one single for Decca in 1965, The Outsiders broke up the following year at which point Wayne joined Hull musicians 'The Hullabaloos', replacing Rikki Knight briefly before they too, broke up. He made an attempt to form a new lineup in Hull with drummer John Cambridge, but soon returned to London (Cambridge later joined the Hull band 'The Rats', with Mick Ronson). Wayne next joined the 'Bunch of Fives' (including ex-Pretty Things drummer Viv Prince) during 1966 and his band evolved into 'The Tickle' with band members Mick Wayne (guitar), Mike Docker (Vocals), Dave Williams (keyboards), Richard Dowling (bass), and John Beckerman (drums). The Tickles only single - "Subway (Smokey Pokey World)" - has appeared on many psychedelic compilation albums, including Acid Drops, Spacedust & Flying Saucers: Psychedelic Confectionery.

After the breakup of Tickle, Mick Wayne formed Junior's Eyes in early 1968 originally with drummer John "Candy" Carr and then with John "Honk" Lodge (Ex-Grahm Bond Organization) (bass), and Steve Chapman (drums). They soon recorded a single with help from pianist Rick Wakeman and producer Toni Visconti. The trio added singer Grahm "Grom" Kelly and (briefly) organist John Redfern in 1968, and began work on an album. Battersea Power Station was released in June, 1969.

That same month Rick Wakeman and Mick Wayne were among the guest musicians who recorded David Bowie's breakthrough hit "Space Oddity". For the followup Space Oddity album recorded between June and September, Bowie and producer Visconti were backed up by a new lineup of Juniors Eyes comprised of Mick Wayne (guitar) John "Honk" Lodge (bass), John Cambridge (drums), and Tim Renwick (Guitar, flute, recorder)

The same band backed Bowie on a BBC Radio Dave Lee Travis Show session in October 1969, and (without Wayne) on single B-side "Conversation Piece" recorded in January 1970. Wayne had also helped record James Taylor's  debut album between July and October, 1968, and Honk played on the album "Think Pink" by Pretty Things drummer Twink, in 1969.

These recording sessions for other projects disrupted progress for the band, and the new lineup recorded only one single. They played their final gig on February 3, 1970 supporting Bowie. It was at this gig that former "Rats" drummer Cambridge introduced Bowie to Ronson and within days, Cambridge, Ronson and Visconti (bass) were Bowie's new backup band.

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