Thursday, June 2, 2016

Page 45 Singles - No.4 / Hard Road / Silence / Joint / Jug Session

Hard Road - "Pain in My Heart" b/w "Movin' Down the Line"
Marjon International - MIJ-528 Stereo U.S. 1972
Youtube comment says the band was from Youngstown area of Ohio. Are they the same Hard Road that did "It's So Hard to Find" in 1968? Does anyone know?

Silence - "Mother's Game" b/w "Devil Woman"
Holland, 1971 (Decca DL 25478)
Tough and crunchy, twin leads, sudden tempo changes, "Devil Woman" is like a proto-punk "Communication Breakdown" Not much is known about Silence. They were from Dordrecht, (home to The Zips, and Inca Bullet Joe, another fine Hans Van Hemert production) Although Hans has good recollections of his Cardinal Point productions, his recall about these productions are lost to the mist of time -- "I don't recall anything about Silence, I just have some recognition of the recording... the reason might be at that time, I didn't feel I was a skilled producer yet..."
This appears to be the 2nd Silence release. ("The Future of our Sister Felicity" being the first?) The recording session took place on January 21st, 1971, and included versions of "Gimme Shelter" and "Paranoid", but appear to have remained unreleased.

Joint - "Collage" b/w "Remember"
Zurich, 1971 Columbia Records.
From an insert inside the single: (translated from French):"Bruno and Hanspeter played in 1966 with "Les Spectres" (a band from Zurich), Giovi was the singer of the "New Earls", (a soul formation), and Stevie has played the drums with many dance orchestras.
JOINT was born in November 1969 at the "Blow Up" in Zurich, it's members are still amateurs, music occupying only their free hours. They are working their repertoire and technique three nights a week, in a cellar. Their first record was released in February, 1971, with Collage and Remember. Columbia 006-33581.

Jug Session - "Easy Here" b/w "Runnin' Down"
Polydor Germany 1970
Jug Session was formed in the late 60's in the North Brabant Province, Holland. The band released only one single before falling apart. The single, "Easy Here" b/w ""Runni' Down" were sung in English, heavily influenced by psych of the time such as Hendrix, and, Taste (which is very apparent), with excellent guitar and even funk tracks.

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