Sunday, June 5, 2016

Thundertrain - "Teenage Suicide" 1977

Thundertrain formed in August of 1974 and came from Nantick, Mass, and became popular among Boston's early days of "punk." (a term that was used much more liberally at the time). Thundertrain weren't "punks", but they were much more accepted by the punk community than The Beams or The Dead End Kids. According to Allmusic, this is what you get when you mix Slade with The Rolling Stones and add the final incarnation of The Joe Perry Project.
They released their first single in 1975, and by 1976 they scored a hit with "Hot For Teacher!" It was one of the first indie singles to have an impact on Boston's early underground rock scene. A "formidable and powerful bunch on stage", Thundertrain became headliners all over the New England area and were written up in "16" magazine, "Creem", and even "Time." They did shows supporting the Cars, The David Johanson Group, The Runaways, and many other bands of the day. After years of touring, Thundertrain broke up in 1980.
Mach Bell joined The Joe Perry Project and is featured on the album, "Once a Rocker, Always a Rocker." He later became a chef and then a music teacher, and in 1996 formed a group called Last Man Standing. The other members of Thundertrain spun off in different directions, and just about all of them continued to play music when they could. In 2002, the band reunited for several shows, and Gultcher Records re-issued "Teenage Suicide."
In 2004, Gulcher released "Hell Tonight", a Thundertrain show from 1979.

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