Thursday, July 7, 2016

Corpus - "Creation a Child" 1971

"Legendary", "Masterpiece", "Underrated", "Ballsy" and "Spectacular" are but a few of the descriptive terms I found in doing my research for this post. Rockasteria writes: "Underrated, partly outstanding ballsy 1970's rock album in the Texas style which means good production, strong vocals, and solid playing all around." It goes on to state, "the music is given additional appeal by realistic lyrics about relationships, fatherhood, planned and unplanned, that retain a male perspective without degenerating into macho cliches."
Another highly sought after specimen in it's original version, one of psych's "crown jewels" pressed on Acorn Records (1001) in 1971. It is truly great psych with a terrific hard blues tinge and some wonderful melodic passages. Think early Blue Oyster Cult or Wishbone Ash. Based out of Corpus Christi, TX, the band's musicianship is well above par with some killer guitar work.
The bands history is a bit elusive, Not even the bio on their facebook page delivers any real history at all. But, beyond the pirate pressings of the 1980's, there exists re-issues. So the rest of us can at least enjoy what would have been lost to the ages.
If I could contribute my own descriptive term, I suppose it would be "Essential."

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