Monday, July 25, 2016

Kennelmus - "Folkstone Prism" 1971

From Allmusic: "In the early 70's Kennelmus was Arizona's only psych/surf band. Their lone debut album is one of the true rarities of psychedellia and is presented in it's original form, sans any remixes or extra tracks. /the music, just as heralded as the album is rare, is a head on collision of The Chanteys, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Lee Hazlewood, Ennio Marconni, & the Electric Prunes all rolled up into one gigantic head rush. Listing individual tracks is useless as the album was concieved as one long continuous piece of music."
"A true visionary piece of psychedelic noodling. You be the judge, But definitely a band with a sound and style all their own."

Rising Storm (see review): "There's something compulsive about this whacked-out mess of an album by a band that's right up there with the Elevators, The Prunes, and Syd Barret. Or think Cold-Sun with the same peyote driven woozy urgency and the trademark autoharp sustituted with melodica, and you wont be a million miles out."

Exquisite surf guitar driven introduction to this album hooked me, the the apparent, (and rather obvious) blue print for DEVO and without a doubt, Butthole Surfers kept me glued. The vinyl re-issue of this album on Rockadelic Records is already over a hundred bucks... The Sundazed CD issue probably a bit more accessable and less taxing on the wallet. (Unless of course, like me, you're a vinyl junkie)

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