Saturday, July 2, 2016

Rockicks - "Inside" 1977

 Rockicks, previously known as "Rockit", was signed to RSO, the label best known for carrying The Bee Gee's. RSO was formed in 1976, who, in addition to their manager Warren Entner (who also managed an early version of Quiet Riot), was responsible, for the bands all to cheesy and frankly dumb name. (but, that's the music biz!). The band's "leader" was guitarist Brian Naughton,
Brian's previous musical life saw stints with Rock Candy (MGM), and The Grass Roots between 1970 and 72. After which he joined Peanut Butter Conspiracy and remained with them until he formed Rockit in 1973.
Rockicks deliver a variation of  70's biker rock not unlike Black Oak Arkansas, Creed, and The Boyzz. Just what RSO planned to do with Rickicks remains a mystery. It's not as if the band had any real chances. They toured around the U.S. with Quiet Riot, and were on the bill to perform with Blondie, but were pulled at the last minute. (replaced by an unknown by the name of Tom Petty and his band The Heartbreakers) As fate would have it, Blondie's gigs opened up doors for Petty, and in turn closed doors for Naughton and Co. Pretty good biker/stoner rock and recommended for purveyors of such.

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