Monday, August 29, 2016

The Flow - "Greatest Hits" (1972) 2014

Very rare album by The Flow with Pete Fine on guitar/vocals, Monte Farber on bass/vocals, and Steve Starer on drums. This is a total guitar burner. If you're into Blue Cheer and fuzz, you'll love this album.
"This is an awesome slab of 70's fuzz guitar rock and roll. Lot's of crunchy riffs, wailing lead guitar, and sort of a jazzy, Stantana-ish breakdowns. Think Blue Cheer, Toad, Bang, or Buffalo. If those names mean anything to you, then you're gonna need this."
Available HERE from Shaddock's Music.

"In those rebellious and psychedelic times we barely earned enough to pay for food at times, while developing our musical horizons. I am amazed we survived those days. Eventually, we became a 3 piece band - The Flow. We rented a room in NYC -- also renting a room was Wicked Lester, a band later to be known as KISS. We used the space for our own explorations. With our limited funds, we could only complete half of the project so we released the record with one blank side and later on, added more material." (Pete Fine)

First vinyl issue 1992

Collectors edition - 180 numbered copies on blue vinyl in black Lizard Textured  cover

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