Saturday, September 10, 2016

Flax - "One" 1976

Flax, a Norweigian heavy metal band was formed in 1972 and is believed to be Norway's first of the genre. Their first album, "One" (1976) wasn't a big seller, therefore it is yet another hard to find collectors item released on Vertigo. (a label famous for long sought after releases). Strong theatrical heavy rock along the lines of Deep Purple, ("Machine Head" era) and to a lesser degree Uriah Heep and Queen. Their music contained the occational symphonic elements, in true heavy metal fasion.
The band saw a hiatus between 1976 and '78, when thet returned with a single: "What Cha Gonna Do" b/w "Pain in the Ass" (another version of which, is included on their debut album) and in the 80's released two more albums. 1980's Monster Tapes, and 1986's Flax Tracks. Their history is riddled with frequent lineup changes.

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