Friday, September 30, 2016

Freddy Lidquist - "Menu" 1970

Menu was recorded and released in 1970, and as far back as the 60's Freddy Lidquist was known as one of the two premier guitarists (the other being Terji Rypdal), and the "Hendrix" of Norway. Freddy started out as a member of Gibbons in the early 60's, and by 1965 he was the lead guitar player in The Beatnicks, and in 1966 went on to The Vanguards. Replacing Rypdal who went on to play organ until he quit, diving into psychedelia with The Dream. By 1969 Lindquist had quit, returning to The Beatnicks for a couple more singles before leaving for good. (the band then went on to become Titanic)
With hard rock being the new formula, Lindquist went on to form Jumbo, inspired by the likes of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, etc. and released two singles. By 1970, it was his time for a proper solo album and he went on to play a majority of the instrumentation on "Menu."As with many other album's of this type from the era, it went largely unplayed by radio and low sales forced it into eventual oblivion.
After a lengthy career as a session musician, "Menu" was rediscovered in the 1980's and has become a long sought after collectors item since. It was first re-issued in 1991.


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