Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Friedhof - s/t 1971

Friedhof (German for "graveyard"), made just this one LP (another LP in the trend of "one and done" in true 1971 fashion) in their short active period in early 70's Germany. The album is a collection of five tracks which represent a hard guitar driven psychedelic rock (definite nods to Blackmore, It could also be labeled a "jam band" of sorts. A definite must for guitar fans and fans of any type of chaotic, loud, frenzied type musical mayhem. Intense? Yes. Obscure? YES. Fun, Hell yes. The album is extremely well balanced and any of these songs could be called a highlight.
A definite shame these guys only made the one LP before vanishing into obscurity.
File under Power Trio/Kraut/Proto-Metal.
Play loud.
I fucking love it.

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